Residential Habilitation

What Is Residential Habilitation?

Residential Habilitation is a Medicaid-funded program that allows adults 18 and older with developmental disabilities to live independently in the community with staff support. The goal is to reduce the level of services needed over time, through teaching skills that are needed to be safe in the community with minimal support. The amount of staff hours needed will vary per individual and their current level of functioning.

What Do We Offer?

Amazing employee benefits and training to help reduce a high turnover rate.

Provide more one-on-one staff to individuals so they have more access to the community

A supervisor for each home that visits them throughout the week.

Ongoing communication with parents/guardians and Service Coordinators

Planned monthly social activities in the community.

How Does One Qualify?

Must have a developmental disability

Must be diagnosed prior to the participant’s 22nd birthday.

Must have SSI established.

Must have Medicaid.

We can help with the process of getting families connected to Medicaid and Social Security.