Clinical Suepervisor

Nampa, ID

The Clinical Supervisor (CS) is a position, which requires the employee to provide assistance and supervision to clients of the DDA program. In addition to the services provided to the clients, the employee is also required to perform all necessary office management duties as well as supervise the employees and clients. The CS’s chief responsibilities is to assure that support, care and assistance is provided to clients and the employees of the DDA program.


* Must be 18 years of age or older.

* Must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Human Service related field.

* Satisfactory completion of Criminal History Check.

* Current First Aid/CPR Certification

* Free of communicable diseases

* Able to read/write English well enough to read and document in participant record.

* Must possess valid state driver’s license and automobile liability insurance.

* Clean Driving Record (No more than 3 traffic violations in a 3-year period excluding parking tickets).

* Must provide documentation of 1 year’s supervised experience working with the population served.

* Must obtain a valid Habilitative Interventionist Certificate, Habilitative Supports Certificate, and Developmental Specialist Certificate as Medicaid requires prior to working with clients.

* Must complete all necessary trainings as required annually per Medicaid and Certificate.


1. Provide, while on shift, support to participants.

2. Must be able to perform office duties up to 20+ hours a week.

3. Must be Familiar with Medicaid Language to implement policies and procedures for the DDA Services.

4. Must have experience in writing evaluations, skills assessments, baseline data collection, PIP’s, Status Review, and EPSDT reports and forms.

5. Ability and availability to make observations monthly outside of normal working hours.

6. Maintain current driver’s license and car insurance.

7. Must attend all meetings/trainings as required by Medicaid.

8. Must be able to have excellent commutation skills with Medicaid, case managers, parents, clients, staff and other office personnel.

9. Must be able to work with Clients up to 20+ hours a week.

10. Complete data sheets and daily/shift data sheets.

11. Complete incident reports as needed.

12. Fill out time cards, mileage and expense sheets and return to office by due date.

13. Other duties as assigned.

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